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Dordrecht/DiEP Municipal Archives

"Recording cultural heritage for the long term"

The Province of Zeeland

The websites of the province of Zeeland is archived using the "Event-Driven" method of Presurf. All changes are archived accurately.

The Dutch House of Representatives

"Pages are archived both on the basis of a fixed plan, and in the event of any arbitrary amendment". As such, the Public Records Act of 1995 is complied with.

Statistics Netherlands

"Archiving the Intranet for the long term". The archive is available for viewing by all employees.

Rotterdam Municipal Archives

The Rotterdam Municipal Archives uses Presurf to archive large quantities of websites in the scope of cultural heritage.

Noord-Hollands Archief

Municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel

"By using Presurf, the municipality complies with the 1995 Public Records Act"

Uselab B.V.

"Storing websites before they are updated provides extra value to the customer".
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